💱Non-MEV Incentive Model

MEV Resistance

BalloonDogs' thesis excludes MEV as an incentive model for any participating party. This model rebuffs the conventional MEV paradigm, notorious for skewing market efficiency and compromising transactional integrity. Our flat incentive model resists MEV extraction unless it benefits users, focused solely on optimal user outcomes.

Dissecting MEV: The Double-Edged Sword

MEV represents the potential profit miners or validators that can extract it by manipulating the order of transactions. Despite bolstering network security through additional rewards, MEV can lead to unfair practices like front-running, causing market distortion and user distrust.

BalloonDogs’ Non-MEV Strategy Unveiled

Flat Transaction Fees

Departing from fluctuating fee models, BalloonDogs implements a transparent, flat rate fee structure. This ensures predictability and fairness in transaction costs unaffected by the transaction’s nature or network activity.

Batch Processing for UserOps-Intents

Employing a batching strategy, BalloonDogs aggregates multiple userOps-Intents into single transaction bundles. This conceals individual transaction details, significantly diminishing the MEV attack surface.

Engineered Slippage Optimization

A slippage calculation engine dynamically adjusts to market conditions, ensuring minimal transaction impact due to price fluctuations. Bundling curtails MEV opportunities linked to transaction slippage due to uniform liquidity supply per bundle.

The Trustless Execution Factor

Batched UserOp execution within bundles remains unbiased, governed solely by the user's Intent.

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