Projects Helper Class

The intents.js SDK contain a helper class, for easy access to known DeFi projects address.

List of supported address:

export class Projects {
    static Staking = {
      BeaconChain: "AddressPlaceholder",
      Lido: "AddressPlaceholder",
      RocketPool: "AddressPlaceholder",
      Mantle: "AddressPlaceholder",
      StakeWise: "AddressPlaceholder",
      Ankr: "AddressPlaceholder",
      Swell: "AddressPlaceholder",
      Liquid: "AddressPlaceholder",
      Binance: "AddressPlaceholder",
      Stader: "AddressPlaceholder",
      Origin: "AddressPlaceholder",
      Frax: "AddressPlaceholder",
      Coinbase: "AddressPlaceholder"

Example way of use:

to: {
    type: "STAKE",
    address: Projects.Staking.Lido

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