🤘Welcome to BalloonDogs

BalloonDogs is attempting to reshape the DeFi ecosystem. We are excited to share how we intend on doing that with you!

Who are we?

We are a seasoned team rooted in distributed systems, DeFi, and other decentralized stacks. Our journey through the ecosystem has filled us with an innate curiosity about the missing pieces for scaling the next wave of user migration from Web2 to Web3. Our shared passion for driving the transition inspires us to contribute with an authentic Web3 proposal in the Intents space.

BalloonDogs is set to evolve Web3 interactions by integrating user intents with Account Abstraction to scale the intent UX with a decentralized DeFi Abstraction Layer.

Our Journey

BalloonDogs was born from our research in emerging intents standards. We found them falling short of realizing a comprehensive vision for their implementation in DeFi. We identified old relics from the Web2 era which undermine the decentralized potential in expressed intent solutions.

These models, which we term 'relics' are live intent solutions where the solver operations are centralized and permissioned, contrasting sharply with the decentralized ethos the Web3 community expects and embraces. Notably, these relics rely on user contracts that require blanket approvals for asset transfers from users' wallets. The requirement is due to their lack of delegation support. This approach is very reminiscent of Web2 methodologies. A gap of this nature illustrates a clear design space for innovation and improvement. We founded BalloonDogs to align DeFi's principles with the intents space. Our methods have been formed from rigorous on-chain data analysis and the validation of our core concepts through our Proof of Concept.


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