The Future of Web3 Development

Simple and efficient communication with the blockchain is essential for any developer to build the next generation of open financial products. BalloonDogs' dramatically cuts the complexity Web3 developers have to deal with to provide enjoyable user experiences.

Expose Yourself to More

Integrating into BalloonDogs' DeFi Abstraction Layer enables blockchain developers to save themselves the effort of building SDKs for their protocols. Using our powerful intents system, various use-cases may be built out for protocols that are compatible.

Anything, Anywhere

Abstract away chain dependencies from your protocol by integrating with BalloonDogs. This enables protocols to accept deposits in any form, from any chain, without any additional developmental burden. In the long-term, this will make for improved liquidity and attention for the protocol.

Improved Composability

As liquidity becomes more and more fragmented, developers must start to think seriously about composable functionality in their protocols. BalloonDogs enables integrated protocols to allow seamless functionality of different protocol-specific assets from any source chain. Developers do not need to take on the additional burden of opening up their deposits to multiple assets without sacrificing on the UX. BalloonDogs can access funds inside protocols and perform the necessary operations on these assets to satisfy user intents. For example, users can receive stETH on Ethereum with USDT supplied on an Arbitrum lending protocol in a single click.

SDK documentation available here.

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