🖥️DeFi Abstraction Layer

Taking the burden off the user

The Ideal Experience

In the ideal world, a user should be able to interact with DeFi protocols through a unified and simplified interface. In the current state, services manage to abstract away specific complexities for rudimentary use-cases. BalloonDogs offers a far more sophisticated avenue which allows a broader set of use-cases.

Single-Signature Multi-Step Paths

Executing DeFi strategies often involves the flow of various assets through different protocols. From a lending protocol, to a DEX, and then a bridge, these paths end up taking time as they are executed as separate transactions, which also leads to fee inefficiency. These paths make for long management sessions, with a greater risk for errors. On BalloonDogs, users will be able to execute all of these paths with a single signature, saving users from the arduous DeFi UX.

Single-Block Execution

Another stark issue with the convoluted paths DeFi users have to take is that each individual transaction is often executed on a different block, leading to longer confirmation times and potential transaction failures. This will ultimately make the user's desired path more expensive or difficult to achieve. BalloonDogs executes these flows as multi-step transactions in a single block, saving time and energy for the user.

Atomic Transactions

Atomic transactions enable all-or-nothing style execution for complex paths. Gone are the days where you withdraw from a protocol and bridge your funds to a new chain only to see you do not meet the minimum deposit requirements, or that there isn't enough liquidity for a position to be filled. Executing multi-steps in one-go on BalloonDogs enables users to make more informed decisions with their assets.

Cost Efficiency

BallonDogs' transaction batching makes for cheaper fees for the user. When making a series of computation-heavy transactions, users will save on costs, ensuring more profitable trades in the long-term. This is due to BalloonDogs' ability to batch a broader flow of transactions into units.

The Missing Link: Intents

At the core of BalloonDogs' powerful DeFi Abstraction Layer is a robust intents system. Any blockchain is ultimately a deterministic state machine, transactions are essentially state changes. For this reason, intents should be able to be understood by blockchains, without being limited to rudimentary use-cases. BalloonDogs' system is a network of intents which improves the UX with every additional state support, exponentially growing the possible state changes a user's balance can undergo.

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