The Need of the Hour

The path to solving DeFi's pain points

DeFi is Hard

Communication with blockchain-based protocols has become increasingly complex. Fragmentation exists on every layer of interaction, wallets, protocols, and chains. This generally consumes a lot of time and energy, and also adds additional mis-click risk for the user.

First Step of the Solution

Intents address this complexity by making user action outcome-based as opposed to path-based. This means that users can express their desired end-state and have other agents incur the complexity of execution, as opposed to taking execution upon themselves. So far, simple use cases like swaps and limit orders have been made available.

Taking the Solution a Step Further

This, however, does not address all of the complexity that a user has to encounter in DeFi. Swaps and even more advanced functionality like limit orders are only one basic use case in the ecosystem. To allow new users to compete with entrenched accounts on LP fee markets, lending markets, and all other sources of yield in DeFi, a more comprehensive vision for an intents-based solution is required.

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