🎇Intents as a State Change

BalloonDogs' thesis introduces a decentralized approach for users to achieve their desired outcomes.

We have defined Intents from a user perspective; what remains is to allow the blockchain state change abstraction to account for the complexities of cross-chain, multi-protocol interactions.

Intents represent the multi-chain state changes the decentralized algorithm protocol brings to completion. Users transition among states within the vast Web3 universe according to the Intent abstraction.

State Changes

A fundamental definition of Intent is that it represents a state change. This simple but crucial definition provides several benefits:

  1. Simple and intuitive intent creation: A clear two-state format that explains the user's intent as a transition from one state to another.

  2. A general intent format: Since a blockchain is a deterministic state machine, the basic definition of a transaction, or a set of transactions, is a state change. Theoretically, this definition should apply to any blockchain execution without exceptions and shouldn't be tied to specific use cases.

  3. Execution validation: The ability to review the execution results on-chain and validate that it aligns with the intent definition before settling on-chain. This validation corroborates the Intent delegation.

A state change represents a fundamental concept in allocating and distributing assets across various protocols and networks.

Consider the following example: a user expresses their Intent to shift from holding 500 MATIC as collateral on AAVE (Polygon) to liquid restaking ETH on EigenLayer (Ethereum). This complex, cross-chain operation involves multiple steps:

  1. Withdrawing MATIC from AAVE on Polygon

  2. Bridging MATIC from Polygon to Ethereum

  3. Swapping MATIC for ETH on Ethereum

  4. Depositing ETH (Liquid staking ETH) on Lido for stETH

  5. Depositing stETH (Liquid restaking stETH) on EigenLayer

BalloonDogs abstracts away these intricate steps, allowing the user to focus on their desired outcome. Our decentralized algorithm handles the optimal execution behind the scenes. By integrating cross-chain functionality, multi-step execution, and diverse DeFi protocols, BalloonDogs offers users a UX path to navigate various states within the scope of the Intent userOp execution journey.

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